Your Second Love

He will break your heart.

He will build you up and tear you down


Like the carnival  that came to town


When you were a kid.

Where the lights on the ferris wheel

Glow bright against the dark

And the venders are selling the last of their dollar hats

And you will start as his rollercoaster

And end up as the water bottle crushed under the cars

Becoming part of the pavement that leads to his heart

You will no longer be his thrill.

You will be what a stranger looks down upon with great pity.


He will break your heart

He will be a tornado ripping through the church of your heart.

He will shatter your beautiful stained glass and scatter the shards around

To cut everyone who dares pick them up.

They will not be able to make out the virgin or ascension,

Just the crucifixition.


And I know the pain I feel when he breaks me in two

Is nothing like the feeling of nails going through my hands and feet

But I cannot breathe,

Because he once prayed upon my body

Like he wants to do to yours.


He will break you.

Every inch of your body will remind you of him.

Because there is not a piece of you he hasn't loved.

He used to tell you how he lived the curve of your hip to your thighs

And the feeling of  your lips on his back

And your tummy close to him

And how your cheeks turn red when he make you smile on a bad day.


He will break who you were

And make you rebuild yourself stronger.

You may be weaker.

You may be acting that you're okay.

I don't know if  I'm okay.


He will break you.

He is the love that will leave you;

Forever changed.

Forever wary.

Forever wanting.

Forever wading through tides of sad.

Because no one,

Absolutely no one,

Will change you quite like



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