"Your Own Shadow Leaves You in the Dark"


The answer to your questions are yes,
yes to them all, Yes! yes! yes!
enough already, okay?
I have a mask on I'll say 18 hours a day.
Because I fear that if I take the mask off
society will pin point me out, ridicule my name,
throw mud and dirt and will tell me "I ought to be a shame." They will say "it's not right and that they are not the basic instructions before leaving earth." As if I am
some sort of curse. I look around at a few of my friends and they tend to say "birds of the same feather flock together" do I believe it? I don't, because we the people were made to manifest and prosper
so if I don't fit in with society's norm does that mean my sin is bigger than yours? Just stop!
Stop the madness, all of it. My life is not your life, but I am your sister,your daughter,your neice, your cousin, and your friend. Most of all I am a human.


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