Your One Lifetime Opportunity

Traveling can be considered a luxury


This  make finances the main worry


Many consider it unbelievable


However it can be achievable


Through scholarships and business


you can make real these wishes


This opportunity comes once


That can be unbeknownst to us


Not many chances are given


Unless you show that your are driven


To succeed and strive with new connections


Without just getting by with a few isolated lessons


I feel like education now is a race 


Without them teaching the proper aces


Most students to prefer to escape the stress


To graduate under the class best


However, these rushed degrees decree


Many of our lost hopes and dreams


Joint with life’s responsibilities


You know what I mean?


Life is hard already, you see?


Don't turn down your earned liberties


Do your dreams, live your life now or  it will be gone


Replace with "what if"s and how they should have been done


It may feel like no time decide


In a job we all prefer to recede.


With only excuses and replies


It can make it easily slip by.


Know what you want and make up your mind


So you can don't watse your precious time and dimes.


When you get a chance


Leave without back glances.


Most of the fears are unjustified 


when you have courage on  this ride


this type of the culture shock


will make you become a rock


Remember we only live once


So why not see the world in lessing months.


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