Your name and the sand


United States
40° 51' 43.3728" N, 74° 23' 38.1624" W

Here I will make a crazy attempt;
Bewildered I realize that truly I wish that such covet could be compare to the warrior’s heart; which instead of pumping that red feverish fluid of life, it fights against all odds to accomplish one goal.
Dazzled I realized that truly with in my flesh I wish that such crave could be compared to the wanton of a captain towards the echo of the ocean waves; waves that roar in his mind as he tries to shut down every part of his body so he could rest and perhaps escape of his passion towards them.
But after all here it is, probably not the best of all of them but I lustfully attempt to write your name in the sand right under this golden full moon that blesses it like how you are a blessing to the my life; and so the waves wash away your name and take every scent of it to the wandering sea of my thoughts.


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