Your Mother is a Dreamer


“There’s nothing wrong with dreaming,”
                That’s what I tell my son.
A dream can make a day less dreary
                and keep an old soul young

Your mother’s been a dreamer
                far back as she recalls
From dragons, trolls, and magic wands
                To castles, queens, and crystal balls.

She fought with Harry Potter
                at Hogwarts, by the lake
And stood by Buffy Summers
                slaying vampires with a stake

She ran with Will and Lyra
                from one world to the next
She fought to free Alagaësia
                with Eragon and the rest

There were long and bloody battles
                and the destruction of a ring
Adventures to the Underdark
                and the crowning of a king

She went hunting with the Winchesters
                leaving demons in the dust
And traveling space and time
                with the Doctor was a must.

You’re mother won’t stop dreaming
                So long as she still can
A book, a show, a movie
                That’s where it all began



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