Your Love Shines Like A Diamond

Your Love Shines Like A Diamond
In the night 
your Love shine bright like a diamond
Whose herds with milk
whose fields with bread 
with the sight of Your light that
shines so bright
Your Love shines a cross the
Mediterranean Sea with summers breeze
the moon glistens over the sea
I choose to be happy and that is when 
I found you in June
with you in my life I am on high 
You and I this Love will always shine 
We're like diamonds in the midnight sky
flying on high for others too see 
what true Love brings 
too see we are running free 
The knowledge I see in your eyes is an ample 
Your Love holds me keeps me clean
You're a shooting star of ecstasy 
that runs right into me 
you are that star that my heart needs
When you hold me
my world starts to comes alive
for the first time
You given me a reason to keep on living 
We're like diamonds in the sky
sing our Love on high in that big beautiful sky 
Your Love to me is like one of a kind
You light my heart like a burning star
beaming from far right to my heart 
in the night sky we will fly 
Your Love is like a dream 
A dream that came true 
In times of my Life it was hard to find Mr Right
Your Life 
your love takes me places I never been
I never seen or been only in dreams
Your Love is the applause to my heart
I knew that we'd become one right from the start
I felt the energy of your words 
lite of my soul like the sun rays 
I saw my life changing when you came in it 
inside your eyes I seen me 
The knowledge You given me 
given me strength to believe in Love 
Your Love shot a spark right in my heart 
like a blaze that hit so deep within me
This Love is beautiful 
It's like diamonds in the sky 
Singing love song on high
You are the noble one of my heart 
I was froze lost at sea but you saved me.
Lilly Emery
True Love


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