Your love fell asleep

You,to you and your love betrayal suits you very well
but,in my there is nothing in what you can acquire
Who said i loved you?
there are no adjectives to say what you do to love,
maybe you destroy it but my skin feels nothing for you
I have nothing left to give you,
I dont know if you knew that feelings cease to exist
and perhaps there had never been anything was just my delivery for you.

And although I felt in love with you never told sincere words of love even,
and my skin turned ashes of perfume in the air
when you give up in what you've always dreamed.

To say hug me was only an illusion
just that you happiness is no longer to waste time,
It is to share what you always say with feeling
and dedication,
the way in which your feelings fell asleep
canceled the strategy of my soul.


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