Your Love

Sun, 11/08/2015 - 11:39 -- Adynna

With just one look

With just one touch

You fill the veins of my passion

Sending a shiver up my spine

Sending my lips in search of yours

Fingers caressing curves

Igniting primal sounds of lust

As I slide passion deep in you

Feeling your juicy love tunnel clench

Heavy breathing and multi lingual moans

Filling the room

The scent of sex and sweat

Filling our nostrils

The heat in our bodies building in unison to their climax

Your hips bucking

My passion thrusting

Your back arching

nails in my back

tunnel gushing

My tongue brushing your lips

Then sliding in search of its match

Your eyelids shut tight

Every muscle at ease

As you fall into a satisfied sleep



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