Your Love

To your voice

My heart flutters

Your Love is unconditional

To me you reach out

My breath you take away

With you, My life has purpose

Falling into a neverending spiral

Dizzy In love

At loss of what to do 

When I am near you

I am on wings like eagles

Soaring throught the heavens

My tough outter shell you break

Opening me to you

Giving me joy

The smile you give me

Makes my stomach take to fluttering

My heart to puonding

My smile to showing

My shackles you have broken

No Longer amd I bound to my past

No longer amd I a slave

You have freed me

I can only hope to have freed you too

Being near you is my wish

My dream

Destiny has brought us together

Not even death can sepporate us

The idea of our love brings me joy

All becausee of you

All becase of your Love

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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