Your Last Day

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 21:27 -- 96mandy


You walk down the halls
Feeling scared and alone,
Pretending and wishing,
In your own zone.

You glance around,
Hearing laughter, seeing smiles,
Thinking to yourelf:
My life’s not worthwhile.

You make it home
And run to your room,
Feeling full
Of sadness and doom.

You go to your desk
And pull out a knife,
Grab the pills
And relfect on your life.

You think back
To all the tears and pain,
Feelings of being
Totally slain.

You cut yourself
For the very last time,
Feeling as valuable
As only a dime.

You watch your blood
Drip down to the floor,
Feeling worthless
And nothing more.

You swallow the pills
And chug a beer,
Knowing your time
Is certainly here.

As you slip
Farther away,
You kiss goodbye
Your very last day.


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