Your Fingertips are Dragonflies

“your fingertips are dragonflies”


A dragonfly perched on my shoulder

And crawled up my neck


I didn’t notice.


I sipped lemonade,

And laughed.


A dragonfly flew into the kitchen

When i was making spaghetti with my sister.

It was a family recipe,

Passed down for generations,

And the smell of the sauce alway reminded me of my dad and Sunday mornings.

So I guess I was caught off guard when i noticed long green wings

All over me.

Where did my sister go?


I do not eat spaghetti anymore,

not even after church.


A dragonfly landed on the water

Near me in the pool.

It could not swim very well.

And all of a sudden,

Either could I.


A dragonfly careened into my open mouth

In the middle of laughing -

Or was it singing?


I can’t remember,

But now I’m crying

And the whole world looks blue,

like its wings.


A dragonfly fell onto my best friend,

He was dancing

The whole world could fit in his smile.

The whole world underneath his dancing feet


He two-stepped around his fear of abandonment

And shimmied tongue first into the nest blooming insects.


A dragonfly follows us everywhere we go,

Like an old friend,

A warm companion

A buzzing, poisonous, vile, bloodsucker with charming wings and baby-faced eyes.


Bugs always made my skin crawl, but they are a necessary part of the ecosystem,



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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