Your Existence

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 19:13 -- Tvirdee


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Have you noticed?

The beating of your heart

The flooding of your veins

that works without hesitation

marvelous and patient

Like your body is a nation

and your cells are patriots

effective and loyal

they continue to toil

Because you are royal

and they only live for you


Have you noticed?

The cells that sustain you

The moments that maintain you

They shine

Much like the stars in the sky

Killer cells in your immune

system fighting wars every day

They scream

much like the voices in my brain

The same brain that recognizes faces

that lets you ask the questions that you do

to soak up knowledge like you are a sponge

that lets you think that you have issues

That allows you to know

the meaning of love

of life


Have you noticed?

The lungs that exist so that you can breathe

The mind that exists so that you can be free

And your mitochondria, like factories

keep giving you the energy it takes

to turn your head

to get out of bed

to live


Have you noticed?

Your cells never stop to wonder if it matters - keeping you alive

they’re systematic, like a chant

they give all of their effort

they work until they can’t

Your heart will beat through

every time someone hurts you

every time you hurt yourself

In those last moments before you die, it will try

And if you’re bleeding out, even then, it will try

Every cut and bruise

Every single wound

your body will heal it all

the systems within you will work

until they literally cannot

they know nothing more important

than you


If you think nobody cares

what about all the efforts of evolution

every creature that has existed before you

all your fallen ancestors

improving over generations

so that you are the best you can possibly be

Think of the

Systems, mechanisms

crafted by evolution

over millions of years

for the sole purpose of your survival

And you wonder if you matter

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Our world


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