Your Existance is a Universe


Each secret you gift to me is a star,

a bright light that shines infinitely in the cosmos of my life.

Together we've created a milky way,

an asteroid belt around the waist of our existances

and yet I know that in comparison your secrets equal the Andromeda.

I would travel light years,

risk black holes,

face a million super novae

if it meant that you'd be there at the end of my journey.

You are the greatest destination and the only GPS I need

is the beat of your heart.

If I could Vulcan Mind Meld with you for just a single moment,

I am sure I would weep at the complexity with which you feel,

the depth of your soul just might swallow me up.

I want to be your pioneer.

I want to brave the furthest edges and the deepest recesses of your universe.

Your heart is an infinite cosmos the beats simultaneously along the parallel dimension of mine

and in those rare moments that the stars align,

that our secrets bloom and we become magnificently vulnerable,

I can suddenly find myself brought to my knees

just knowing that you understand me more deeply, more wholly, than any other existing being.

Contrary to popular belief

we are not ever expanding outward in search of something new.

You have taught me that looking inward, pioneering my own soul, is a gift.

We are slowly shrinking inward, searching endlessly for our core, our center.

My center is you.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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