Your Eulogy

When my grandma died,

I volunteered to write her eulogy

Because I knew that would help me deal with the loss of her

And help others as well.


So that’s why I’m writing you a eulogy.

You’re not dead in the literal sense,

But you’ve made it clear you want nothing to do with me.

So you’re dead to me.

This eulogy will not be about what you were

To everyone else,

Because to them, you’re still quite alive.

This will eulogize what you were to me.


I met you at the ripe age of 12

And loved you until the bitter age of 18.

It’s like I grew up learning to love you.


I woke up in the morning smiling

Just because I knew you existed.

You were my shining star,

The light of my life.

You were my energy

When life had me down.

And it always had me down.


You were both my anchor and my airplane.

Keeping me grounded,

But helping me fly.


You were the balloon tied to my wrist.

You were the tree growing in my backyard.

Never leaving when I let go;

Always there in an ever changing world.


You were tethered to me,

And I to you.

You got the scissors out too soon.


In a lot of eulogies,

They say God took someone too soon.

Maybe God took you from me,

Maybe it was the Cali girl with the long hair,

Who knows.


What I do know is this is how I’m going to move on.

Mourn the loss of my best friend

And purest love.


You tested the limits of my trust,

Which i will never get back.

You showed me what it felt like to love wholeheartedly

With no ties to the real world.


But I still haven’t seen what it’s like to be loved in such a way.

I spent so much time mourning

All that I thought you were to me

So I can let go of the memories that haunt me

Because any time someone says something you did,

I get scared they’re gonna hurt me like you did.


So goodbye.

You will be missed.

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