For Your Entertainment

the bitterness is burning

watch it tear through their souls like an ever present madness

slip into their consciousness like a

faucet that just drips constantly

burning skin. leaving spots. dragging cuts through skin

slitting the wrists on arms.

no need to cut yourself for attention! the cuts are a given.

it tears into the Happy One silently. through a hole

that can barely be seen by the eye

through the depths of her soul and she’s

no longer a happy person she’s a demon of desire.

a rabid fiend. don’t touch her sustenance.

shovels food into her mouth like the food is snow and she’s a lonely teenager on a cold dark night

the Lonely Teenager is typing away. filling the scars.

painting over the scars with pretty words that should

make them attractive.

bring in a man who will take her away from it all take away the sadness that aches in her belly and made her known as the Sad One by all the ‘normal’ people at school who don’t have

and the Sad One.

Oh, the Sad One!

she will perish in this burning house.

lit on fire like the witch she is and will always be.

watching tv and reading and coloring and playing internet games

for her entertainment


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