Your Destiny


United States
35° 33' 53.5356" N, 78° 40' 5.664" W

Something you hold so tightly within your hands
Something you strive to connect with that it seems your hands can't ever seem to find purchase
Something so easy to see
Something so foggy and unclear

The phrase "I'm not a psychic"
Contains doubt and fear
The phrase "I'm a dreamer"
Contains positivity and hope

One's approach
Can affect one's growth

One's mentality
Can determine the finality
Of the ability
For one's destiny to be realized

You hold the power of determining your destiny.
The choice belongs to you - and only you
It is you holds the intangible key
Of determining whether or not you will be free

Hold on my sisters.
Hold on my brothers.
Hold on to the vision of your destiny.
Hold on to the intangible hope so tightly that the vision become tangible.
Hold on to that faith so strongly that your future is so close that you can taste it.

Let your faith be high,
Let your doubts be low,
Never forget who holds the key..
To unlocking your destiny.


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