Your Dark, My Light

Your Dark, My Light


The Dark is nothing but my shroud

Something she never wants to be around

The Light is just feigned happiness,

Looking like she feels nothing less

With all I did for you, I cannot fathom

How you could hit me

Like I’m some type of phantom

I wonder why I still call you baby

While you just ignore me on a daily


The Dark became my friend, depression a companion

Chained to the walls and left abandoned

While your Light became your downfall

Your words slurred,

walking drunk,

crashing into walls

You want to “get loose”

So go ahead and choose

Do you really want me,

or do you choose that guy that’s been getting friendly?


I remember that day, when you were there for me

Wrapped me in a hug,

And pulled me closely

Had me thinking “Could it really be?”

That I finally experience Light, it was so exciting

But then you left me, just like the rest

I guess,

once again,

I failed the test


The Dark is nothing but my shroud

Something I must stay around

While you can stay in you Light,

Keep acting like it’s so bright


What is this I hear?

Oh welcome home baby,

I’m surprised you came back here.


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