your collarbones


United States
38° 14' 14.2296" N, 77° 8' 54.6576" W

your collar bones
they turn my insides into stone
but stone that is kept warm
by fiery coal
a trail from your shoulders all the way down
to where your hips meet your torso
it crawls up where your neck falls in line
lips parted and laughter escapes
from a jaw defined
cheeks with freckles marked
by an artist who knew just where to place
every ink drop

it's superficial
i know
it's superficial i know
but i can't stop loving
the way you crack your knuckles
it might annoy others in close proximity
but to me
it sounds like a symphony
the air escaping from your bones

it's superficial
i know
it's superficial i know
that it can't be like this forever
because we are only people
i need to enter reality
before i make a horrid fatality
in forgetting that
you are human

i can't stay infatuated forever

i wish i could continue to feel the warmth
that ignites
within your collar bones


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