Your Beauty Speaks


Your beauty speaks:

his is what Dark Angel tells me each day;

to me because I see the beauty of the Light

as I looked into the mirror of my life,


I think you God Jehovah,

And Jesus for the beauty they have given to me,

the spirit shines so bright in my life,


I had too learned to see again not by eyes

but by spirit of true beauty,

beauty of the spirit speaks to me,

moves me

shines in my eyes that gives visions,


I had never seen before Dark Angel would say

No one ever had, 

my eyes have blossomed open

words of True love speak to me,

God Jehovah beauty set in my heart,


I know I am in time of testing;

In darken places of darken dreams

But I cry because I am ready to be set free,

at one time in my life I feared that love

would never find me,


But that was only lies of Dark Angel talking

Lies of darkness speaks,

In my younger years, sometime ago 

my life was cast into darkness

and made my heart cold,

this pain cut deep within me, Oh, how it burned,

I got lost somehow in darkness of dreams,


That put me on the run for life,

 that was never fun;

life didn't seem beautiful like it did before

the Light of your beauty I thought had left me,

I didn't no longer seen,


But with time I started listen to the cries

From the others side of life,

The cries of true pains that brought on rain,

It was like this pain had no end to it,


My own spirit grown cold,

Dark Angel started talking more lies

just to get me on his side of his true pains,

he had taken away almost everything from me,

but one thing he could never take is the beauty of light

from my eyes, that is why he calls me Moonlight,

Then he would always say, 

Your Beauty Speaks.


Poetic Judy Emery © 1980


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