Your beauty

Sat, 12/28/2013 - 00:48 -- Cesar4


reign to the heart of universe
 Radiantly like an angel been
That cling to my  mind spring elation that  burning in me  just like a fever
You're a baby flower
Where  every gaze dwell 
That  fulfills every man's wishes  inner
 captured by your image
 Fairest hair,splendiferous face
 That control the very soul
Oh! your fine lips, like a lake of wine
 Forever that will dwell gazing of lifetime
fine body like white lilies of the field
 Or else fades into nothing
 Oh! how beautiful you are
Just like the morning star
Delight to senses of mind
Spirit dirt of earth mother of all mankind
Sweet cesar will be always want to bind
To fulfill my missing part
Holding each other's hands into dart
we may never be apart
I may well always  carry  in my spirit even after life
but never sweet Alexander Cesar



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