They say that young snakes

Are much more dangerous than adult ones

Maybe that's why young love is so potent

Maybe thats why i feel

Like the whole world is crumbling upon me

Just looking at the stars

And just seeing the image 

Of my broken soul pieces in the moonlight


I remember crying alone

Only the floor swallowed my rain of tears

And the whispering walls

That heard the echos of my bitter cries

I cried until i got tired

My eyes were dry

Like the love i had for you


Fighting with true love

Is like boxing with no gloves

You deceived me 

With your red lips like roses

But the roses had thorns around it

It pierced my heart

Sinking it like a blade

And made my love for you bleed out


My golden heart is now darkened

Dark, empty leaving no hopes within me

I feel like an unfeeling ghost

My bones are broken and crushed

Like our dreams we had

Your love was like the ocean tides

That pulled me to the shore

But now I'm in the middle of nowhere

Pushing me to the core


When you love someone

You love with every fibre of your being

But when the leave

They take all of you with them

Leaving nothing left for you

You once melted my heart with your love

But when you left

And turned cold to me

You froze my feelings completely

Leaving me to the ice age


Like a vulture in the desert

You made me eat the remains

Of our once used to be love

Now I'm chocking on your lies

That you promised when I saw you

That you will love me forever

Now I'm on closed doors

Just learning to listen to the walls

And learning to whisper back

So that I can cut the rotted ropes

That you venomed them

You were my worst nightmare

Dressed lke a daydream

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