Young Mistakes. There should Always Be A Second Chance

Mistakes due to lack of wisdom

Mistakes due to a certain environment

Mistakes because kids are kids

Those who cannot make up for their mistakes

Kids with ruined lives because of their mistakes

Some do it because they have no choice

Why aren't they shown compassion?

Why is their judgment day so arduous?

Why a frigid and lonely prison cell?

There has to be another way 

That allows them a new way

Harsh discipline cannot be the answer 

If it was, we would all be faultless by now

If it was, all the children would fit our specific configuration of a successful adult

If it is supposed to, why aren't we witnessing any results?

What led our legal system to become so twisted up?

Targeting the only people that cannot speak up

That have no say on how justice is served

Confinement is no way to spend childhood

Confinement causes hysteria, social disorders, and anxiety

Confinement does allow time for hatred and resentment to grow

The mistakes they make in the beginning of life will be made again in the end

When will the corruption of our own future end?

The cycle is inescapable. 


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My country
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