Young Master

Young Master has not been home in a while

Master was crying

I could hear her from the big room

I missed Young Master

She had always played with me

and called me young

even though I am old and tired now

Young master did not return with the boy

When they left that morning…..

I’ve waited for days

I think shes on a trip and will be back soon

Shes been on trips before

but shes always come back

Her room is dark

and cold

the door is always shut

No one goes in there

not even Master

I miss my Young Master

Master cries her name sometimes

while shes asleep

The boy does not speak anymore

and sometimes I hear him weep

Young Master would know how to fix this

But its been weeks since she left

Master doesn’t come out of her room anymore

She cries and wails

I hope she comes home soon


Where is my Young Master?!?!?

They started to take things out of her room

Putting them in boxes

and taking them away

Almost all of her things

were taken away

I hid under her bed

where I found an old shirt

Her scent was faint

almost gone

I curled up in it

hoping they wouldn't take

my peice of Young Master


Young Master has been gone for months now

I wait everyday

Hoping she’ll come home and make everything ok

No one talks anymore

They closed the door to her room

They don't speak her name

they cry in the night

I miss my Young Master

I know she could make everything alright

I am old and tired

But i miss her very much

Where could my Young master be?

The big man cried

Called himself mean things

Yelled at young Master too


I wanted to tell him she was ok

That shed be back again someday….


I was tired

So Master drove me in the car


The room was white

and Master cried

She said everything was gonna be alright

They laid me on the table

I felt so tired

I just wanted to sleep

Maybe if I went to sleep

Young Master would come home

So tired





It was bright when I woke up

I was standing in a field

I wasn't tired anymore

I was happy

I heard a voice

and when I turned

I saw Young Master

The same as when she had left with the boy

She smiled and I ran and played

Young Master had come home

Everything was ok

This poem is about: 
Our world


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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