young love

fluttering, flying, 

the way it's supposed to be -- feeling alive, 


how you make my stomach jump

and how I will make my pace     s l o w e r       or faster 

because if I time it right, 

I will find you. 


you captivate me, 

as if maybe I have a chance. 

Fate? coincidence?

it's merely a coincidence--or is it?


but I can't tell what you are feeling, 

I can't tell if I should take such a risk

not because you are not worth the risk, 

but because the risk is not worth the pain. 


am I falling too fast?

reaching too high?

I don't want to make this complicated because

our love, 

it can be easy. 

I could love you 

if you give me enough time and attention. 


But I cannot tell what you are feeling. 

But I can tell you how you make me feel

when you tease me

and play with your hair

and play with my hair

and bump into me

and lay on me

and put your head on my shoulder

your arm on my shoulder

--we're a perfect height--

the way you laugh

the softness of your hair

you're always smiling. 

       take my food

       take a seat next to me

       take my time

       take my heart, 

if you promise to give me yours. 


I want to believe in this so much. 

it's like the sky has opened up and 

when I dream,

I dream and see a million stars. 

I gave you the stars, 

but none of them compare to you. 


I shouldn't set my heart's course on you. 

Loving is dangerous 

it's risky

and it can be painful. 


but what other way is there to live?


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