the young lords


United States
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a professor manifested the ideological importance of civil rights
she conveyed the emphasis of the battleground call discrimination that entails many fights
her words of thoughts struck a nerve like a football star's sharp blow to the spine
embracing the history of my country,puerto rico, and its independence is all mine
i give my country all my glory the way the young lords in the late 1960's did
and no they didn't do time for any of their bid
they were young colored people that was all about movements
they marched up and down the streets of Spanish Harlem creating pavements
all wore the same colors. no its not gang initiation
young lords were about rise above all call innovation
all their ideas became a revelation
yet, society try to imprison them as political prisoners
yes they were political, politically correct
they were influence by leaders that was emphatically wiser
they took a stand more lawfully honest than 12 jurors who are prone to lie about a life of an innocent man
yet racism continued to swirled around like killer bees
young lords withstand discrimination by unifying against bias
certainly much more intelligent than a kid with an i.q. of 20 name Matthias
the young lords are the puerto rican black panthers
people of all colors join forces like the 5 lions forming voltron
this is a true story like Hollywood E!
if i don't tell it, someone else will extort lies like ads on a newspaper

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