The young hustler

Every day he walks to school. He's always quiet and reserved. And No one at the school can gather the nerve to ask why he's so antisocial so he remains alone. In his dark world Where mom doesn't recognized him and dad never picks up the phone. And his older sister doesn't condone pity so he's left alone to deal with turmoil in his own way. Which is the wrong way. Popping pills looking for ecstasy in the form of medication that ultimately brings grief. He cooks in a kitchen like chef boyardi but he contradicts the meaning of self employment and poverty. P.c.p and angle leaf, leaving heroin and marijuana on the counter. He became a entrepreneur the only way he knew how. I mean what other options are given to a child that never knew other ways out except through the doors of the trap house. Because there he was accepted. There he wasn't abused and neglected. There his money made him a name. And along came local fame, him and his colleagues were the 3 musketeers biting into the fast life like a twix, but you couldn't pause this. There isn't a remote control over adults once you put a young man in that mindset. At this point walking to school being an outcast out of the in crowd wasn't an option. There was money calling. Money talks more than just cordial conversation. So along comes the beef. Enmity wrapped in the poly colored paper people put over their own family. And since he had none what did he have to lose? More like what did he have to gain. Money power and fame over the , Trinity really we loose sight of the bigger things when prosperity comes to sight he made the things he gained in this life his God. And to keep it he was willing to lay his life. So he picked up guns and knives to defend himself. Every Morning up early pacing the floor wondering when he walks out that door will he make it back home again. His family to him was just another. We saw his sister he saw a customer. Nevermind if you were pregnant he had to put the work in he wasn't on the block to be a social worker. He sold these seeds, planting seeds in every life he intervene and gave temporary peace that was an inevitable, but in his mind their was no peace because you could be in a room full of people and still feel so alone. So cold when the gold doesn't glitter like it once did. And everyone have they hand out and placing bids, but where was these people when he was that kid in the desk in the back of the class with no aspiration, no friend, no guide, no sight of tomorrow. When people belive his light didn't shine so bright , his elevator didn't reach the top floor, and because he was wrapped in this insecure cucoon he never had known, what he could have been. And now it's to late. There was money calling again. Money talks more than just cordial conversation. So along comes the beef. Enmity wrapped in the poly colored paper people put over their own family but before the drugs exchanged from hand to hand bullet hits flesh opening the mind of that young man you can't see his thoughts on the pavement but you can feel the empty regret. Sense the missed opportunities you see the blood gashing. Dad didnt pick up the phone. And mom should've recognize him. Now he's a statistic. He'll never walk alone again.

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