Young Hispanic Teenage Mom

In The beginning it seemed like i was everything to my family members.

They always called me and asked me to go out with them. They always let me know when they needed me. Never talked behind my back.

Until everything changed. I got pregnant at 16. The only people there for me where my parents, my boyfriend, my in-laws, and some of my girls. I went from an inspiration to a typical teenage whore in everyone's eyes.

I was made fun of by everyone. Looked down on. Even my family talked behind my back. Everyone told me my future was over and that I had a future. I believed them at first.

Then one magical day my father took me to church because I was always put down and not anyone's words made me feel better. Then the pastor told me " i see potential in you. Don't let anyone put you down because remember... Everyone talks bad things about you because they want to continue to see you crumble. You seem independent. So show them. Help the ones in need. Keep up with your studies. Honor your parents and show nothing but love to the angel god has sent you."

Those words meant a lot to me. It motivated me to never give up because if i give up on myself, i'm basically giving up on her.

Ever since then, i've participated in homeless shelters, gave to the ones in need, gone to church every sunday, got a 4.0 in school, got my permit, and never failed to give my daughter what she needs and deserves.

Everyone else was silenced. And all of a sudden i'm an inspiration again.



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