Young Girls Do Grow to be Queens

Sun, 05/30/2021 - 13:53 -- tp_poet

Young girls do grow to be Queens.

They sprout from all the good stuff that compose dreams.

Even if they’ve been through the stuff that compost greens.

Some do doctorates and some do seams,

Some do algebraic and some do any means.

Young girls, do grow to be Queens.

Daddy called her princess, mommy showed her phenomenal.

Grandpa told her invest, grandma said “Even if it’s nominal.”

Brothers can teach a lot and act ass-tronomical.

Sisters can hold hair for despair or comicals.

Young, girls do grow to be Queens.

Treat them as such and catch a ton of blessings.

Feature as first crush and lay immortal in her message.

Intuitively equipped with divine perspectives.

Get on her bad side and fear her verbs- nouns-adjectives.

Titling girls as Queens is not subjective, objective is, to call it as is.

And not be limited to just "Bad B*tch"

Encourage them from sprouts they’ll surpass average.

Look at success rates, no wonder half, half rich.

Monetizing on paths some men couldn’t graph past sh*t.

So they brag bad shit or play grab-grab sh*t

No esteem for the Queen on her grab bag sh*t.

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