Young And Pregnant


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Pregnancy has a age requirement.
If you cannot take care of the life that is growing inside of you, why in the hell are you having sex
Sex is not for play. Sitting there with your legs up in the air and the next day your breast feeding your baby.
Your not ready to be a parent at the age of 16
You are just figuring out what breast are. You still have so much ahead of you
If you choose to lay there and let him stick it in then you are choosing to neglect a child
You can't take care of that child so stop opening your legs to some immature boy that just got through puberty.
Keep your legs closed cause being young and pregnant is not cute
Being young, smart, and beautiful is the way to go
So make the right choice and wait until you reach the age when you are truly ready to give up all the partying and hanging out with friends and ready to settle down with your child.



Yea..... Just tired of seeing little girls walking around with babies like its the new trend. IT IS NOT

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