Young Alicia

There she was a young Alicia laying on the floor, she was perfectly still, her eyes open wide, and her skin was glistening cold. She was pronounced dead by investigators and her autopsy showed she suffered from a broken heart and as well she had her soul ripped out of her body.

Now everyone is just here for her pity potty, I remember her being a beautiful somebody. Young Alicia never had an easy life, her dad was never around to protect her to make sure she was alright. But she did have a mom, a grandma, an Aunt, and three brothers. She was a dreamer which eventually filled her head which turned her into a believer.

Her brother did horrible things while young Alicia was trying to figure out her place in the world. Like her father they started to disappear and leaving her on her own. She never really let things get to her until she got to middle school and there her nightmares turned into a world she never wanted to go through. She was taunted, and tease, shaken to her knees, she would bury her head into her arms and cry in silence about how much she wanted to be free. She tried to pray to God and he never answered her back with a single thing.

All of her life she has been bullied but this time it hit a nerve, with all her emotions spilling on the floor she took a piece a metal and begun writing her notes upon her wrist. Suicide became a normal dream it came easily to her, she wanted to attempt everything she imagined. And luckily it failed.

After that she was no longer in hell, her freshman year went perfectly fine... until her sophomore all hell broke loose, one of her brother gave her the shocking truth... she wasn't prepared for it, as she is sitting on the edge of her bed reading a text message that tore her heart up. "Your Adopted" is what the message said while it showed a photo of a younger Alicia and someone holding her smiling. Young Alicia's wild eyes studied the picture till the point she let her hot tears roll down her face from crying. three months passed and it's just like she found out. Young Alicia got into a heated argument with her mom and then she found out the truth that only broke her heart even more.

"your mom told the judge you was a one night stand baby and she didn't know who your father was." Young Alicia mom said. maybe this was the sign from god she has been looking for the sign that proved she wasn't suppose to exist and that she was just a broken angel placed on earth as soon as she was born. The tears formed again as she wished her biological mom got an abortion as soon as she found out she was pregnant with her.

Young Alicia is still in pain but she pushes forward it wasn't till a year later Young Alicia found herself in another hurting situation, her family and her was homeless living in Fort Myers Florida. She would spend the whole summer sleeping in and out of hotels and when her family didn't have any more money to stay in a hotel they slept in front of walmart, WaWa,McDonalds and that lasted until young Alicia finally got a home in late September she would would wear the same clothes everyday repeatedly because of that and she would wonder did the other kids make fun of her.

As young Alicia reminisce she started to perished. Everyone and everything she cherished was but a memory, as she died strangers took her the place as a sister that was apart of a family. How do I know? Because I'm young Alicia and in the end no one remembered me.

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My family
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