Young Adult


Never a thought of happiness. In the back of my mind it's known that this smile will leave soon. Forever stuck in an eternity of doom. 
Forever consumed by the way the hands are held and the cards are dealt and the fame you get once you've fallen to hell. 
Nothing will ever be, exactly. Am I just a figment of the imaginations of the molecules that make up the sky? Just a sick piece of nothingness floating amongst the highs and lows. 
Trying to find which way the river flows. Why these problems come and go. Playing hide and seek but my skin just glows. 
Being nothing, because I was never something or anything with meaning. Even if seeing was believing, it never made the rose grow blue. Naturally we are nothing but we strive to be something more than one. Growing up isn't so fun. The pain's just begun, and bad habits have won. They burn like the sun. 
3rd degrees and pedigrees are better for fun. Smoke the trees with one lung. So the breathing is done and your tears weigh a ton. Nothing but a bad dream now shush some. Don't stay; just come. Can't walk; must run. 
You'll die under the sun, the ceiling is falling, the feeling of crawling, and the people out to get you aren't real. Never there, schizophrenic's how you feel. As your brain begins to peel and you swear you're dying. The voices tell you when you're crying. & you're loved ones are lying. 
Nothing can be wrong with nothing because you were never something or anything. And this is why you sing.


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