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(my poem for the children of Sandy Hook)

You were so young and filled with life
You were full of innocence and the spirit that it carries
You were smiling and laughing just as you were blossoming like fresh flowers
You were bright, funny, and endearing
You were our future...so full of energy and possibilities
You were the sunshine that never seemed to dim
You were our souls of the future with dreams of everything and forever
You were inspirational love...and you were loved dearly
You were taken by an evil spirit...leaving behind so much

You are here with us as we try to understand the unimaginable of your loss
You are in our hearts and souls
You are our conscience mourning your loss
You are the wind peacefully blowing through the trees as the sun shines through them
You are the spirit of our future and...
You are the angels guiding us all through this as you smile, laugh, and play together
You are always going to be the change that hope brings to us all

You know we miss you and your friends...please tell them we said hello
You know you'll never be forgotten even as time goes by...slowly...as we talk to you with no answers
You know we'll be wishing you were here and helping us move back in time...knowing that cannot be
You know us well...we wish we could have known you into the future down here
You know you're safe now...nothing can harm you again as you look down here at us and us up to you
You know down here we're not sure where we need to go or what to do...it is all a terrible nightmare
You know we all need your guiding hands to show us the way
You know we can bridge this from here up to you and back
You know much love...our love will see you again
You know...we will all be okay...someday...thanks to you and your friends
Love you all

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