Tue, 02/05/2019 - 15:17 -- dowxbeg

When I am with You

Everything fades

We are the center of the world

The melody

Everything else is just noise

We rise, and dance

And I wish we could sway for the rest of our lives

Sometimes faster, sometimes slower

But always in love


When I am with Me

Everything comes into focus

I can concentrate on what I need

And realize what I don't 

Deep breaths

Long and slow

That's what keeps me grounded




When I am with Them

The world speeds up

Laughter and chatter, a cacophony of  noises 

The people I love

I'm spinning faster and faster

Finding out that the only way to stay in control is to let go

Part of the fun of youth

Is being able to throw yourself wholeheartedly into everything

I am able to, when I'm with Them


I need all of it

You, Me, Them

They each have their time

And in that moment, it just feels right

The most important rule to living

Really, truly living

Is control

Find someone who makes you forget what control is

Be someone who takes control of yourself

And find people who carefully help you to let go

Only then will you know how it feels

How to be alive




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