You'll Understand When Your'e Older..

Fri, 11/13/2015 - 11:49 -- kylad97

It starts at a young age.

no one is too young for heartbreaks,

maybe a loss of some sort or their mom and dad stays in court

So they try and find a conclusion,A race in the mind of delusion

A child can feel like a hassle if they're the feeling weight of being the king and queen of the castle..

This can result in a decrease in thrown or smoking on some home grown but nobody realizes real pain until it's their own.

Stuck in this mindset of "you'll understand when you're older" but honestly if you don't learn it now you'll be so much colder. A heart like a boulder is a tough nut to crack.

Yet so is healing a heart when broken pieces keep getting stacked

Kinda like a broken peace of art it can maintain, but it'll never be the same.

Telling me one day I'll be older and wiser

Please tell me less about how serious the lies are,

these eyes are not meant for decieving maybe you lie so we won't cry cause the truth increasing the bleeding.

I've been reading, more and more everyday about how a child is taken a way, much deeper than a bullet a stray or a car that got in the way.

But what about that kid who got called gay every single day

cause he rocked the braids and those shoes with suede.

Or ol girl that gets called a slut cause she hangs with the guys which the other girls despise.

So they ask "why is she so special in their eyes?"

Very different stories but the moral remains the same,

if a child takes their own life then who is really to blame..

No reason to beat around the bush so no sugar coating this,

that's the problem we walk around like nothing wrong so the problem remains missed. This is really happening too often so I have a question to ask?

To the adults that tell me you don't need to worry about that right now or that's a grown ups task..

Can you tell me why child suicide rates are gowing up or why heart breaks last? No matter if you 99 or at an infant stage we all feel pain at any age

so telling me im too young to feel love That's one lie added to another!

Even babies feel love that's why they cry for their mothers.

This is no new news I've discovered. I'm just the one to speak up and uncover what's been hidden for years.

So Just because you tell us we're too young. Doesn't stop the pain or the tears.

I believe one of a parents biggest fears is a child taken away by the cut of his or her own blade Left with only nostalgia and regret cause they wish they could've taken their pain to trade.

Even though everything happens for a reason, those lonely seasonings feel like salt to the bleeding.

one time a friend told me...that he. Simply wakes up and waits for the next day to come. Until dawn to the setting of sun. Sometimes words cut worse

than a knife because you know there's nothing you can do to make it right, so you feel really defenseless, quite. Going through another sleepless night while too many young people are eternally tucked in tight.


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