You'll Never Know


Have you found the right route, or are you wasting time?

Why do you keep all things in mind, in your mind?

It's sad to see you go this way, but I must release you.

Your inhibitions have kept you here to deceit you.

So I find no comfort in keeping you here


Oh my dear oh darling,

The morning has come in your wake.

You look up the twilight and remember your mistakes.

Regret nothing, for in life it’s too little too late.

Release your inhibitions and witness your fate


My little darling,

Mourning has come and mourning will go

And whatever has tied our souls together will show.

You must live your life in peace, so I send you away from me.

Fall into the arms of god, and you to will see.

What was meant to be will be.


Sweet Darling,

Set yourself free.

For your eyes have been closed and heart taken by thieves.

I come to you in truth with no trick up my sleeve.

Praying that you’ll fly. I know one day you’ll leave this place.

Time has come. Meet your fate. In life you live out your mistakes.

Take a stand. Find your place in this world.


Let love lead the way,

From Yours Truly



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Our world
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