You'll Never Fade


If only you’d have stayed
And made me never fear
I’d have shown you night and day
And made you hold me dear
You’d love yourself, keep me safe
And want to be with me

Sometimes I sit
On the porch or by the phone
In anticipation, just a bit
Of when you might be home
The date should have been written
So that I could’ve known

But you’re only gone
And the tears, they are real
They burn for the one
Who was my only shield
The memories are still spun
Though my heart will never heal

How do I tell you
That I miss you so much?
That this is harder than we all knew
And I feel there’s no crutch
I fear there’s nothing I can do
With you out of touch

Even through this ache
That won’t pass, never will
And despite all the quakes
That wreaked with your pills
Just maybe I’ll make
It over the bumps and hills

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This poem is about my mother. Two years ago she commited suicide.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

sorry to hear

thank you for putting your heart in writing this poem

your mother would be proud if she were to hear/read this piece

continue to build and write more poems

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