You'll Always Be My Baby!

Wed, 01/12/2022 - 17:48 -- Wired6

"You hear me?"

"YES mummy,I hear you!"

"Its a school night,so clear your books and tings,

and get ready for bed-- Right!"

"Alright mummy,alright!-- can I have a cup of coffee mummy?"

"What! Are you mad? U know it keeps you up all night-- 

don't vex me. I'm tired."

OK. OK. Goodnight mum."

"Goodnight baby."

"Mum! I'm not a baby!"

"You are 2 me. You'll always be my baby."


First thing 2mor is Sociology,then Biology,then in the boys

toilet foir the worst kick-in of my life. Again!

I wish dad was here. He'd fuck em up for life.




©Wired6. 3/1/2022


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