you won't break us

It really breaks my heart

To see that we made it this far

But nevertheless they’re here

And they want the progress to disappear

It is stunning in the wrong way

They don’t leave us space to have a say

If we say something they’ll bring sticks and stones

But I know they will never break our bones

We are women, we are strong

Nothing can’t go wrong

We are sisters

So old misters

Fear us when we get along

You won’t win,

We won’t lose

But remember.

We demand equality

So maybe you owe us an apology.

We don’t want to be superior, 

That never. 

Just please, treat us with respect

For we are people nevertheless

I get that you think we need to be protected

But don’t you think that your actions can be suspect?

We give you our world, and ask nothing but respect in return

And you try to win us like a game of chess

Hunny, I’m sick and tired of your mess

Tidy up your head before you talk about progress

You’re full of stress

Take a chill pill before you tell me how to dress

So stop trying to downgrade me

And take your responsibility

Analyze it as if it’s philosophy

I’m not stupid, don’t think you’ll win this easily

As I’m not an easy woman, 

Why do you think I’m the stupidest of the humans?


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