You will never know who i really am

Did you ever wonder why i hide ? , im a shy girl in dispised

i hid their in the night and come out at day

not to associate nor play

i have no friend i get teased alot

i wonder why because of this discoloration spot i got

i get called a cow

i get called ugly

i try to wear makeup to cover it up

sometimes im just like oh Fuck !!

 i guess God made me like this for a reason

i wonder when i come out of my shell which time of the day , hour or season

will i ever feel comfortable and not alone

not in a place where the door is shut close

not in a place where i feel like i have no home

i want to be able to remove the curtains to show the real me

not being teased , taugnted but saying look everyone and see

but sometimes showing the real you

can end up with you being hurt

and feel torn like a old ripped up shirt

the curtains are closed for a reason you will never see me because im a girl in dispised and i will

never come out until its the right time for me i don't want to be a lonely person hiding behind the

curtain   , but i want to stand on the stage like a tall confident tree.



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