You Will Never Believe What I Just Dreamed About

You will never believe what I just dreamed

in fact it has been awhile since I've had this dream

and when I wake I can't help but shiver from the thought of being alone

as I remember the emptiness the cold air I ponder on what it all means

it's a peculiar dream

with children with three heads and deer larger than trees

There are swampy lakes that bubble and steam

and below the murky surface lurk the women of the water

there are cowboys with no hats and queens with no servants


I now it all sounds silly and my father calls me crazy

but in this dream that has been awhile since I've dreamed

there is a rabbit that is watching me


He never says anything so I never reply

but the silence is killing me and the ticking is driving me nuts

he lives in the trees where the Man with Hats visits

and I watch from afar longing to be invited


And so in this dream I am again alone

and it seems that I can't escape this forsaken loneliness

I hope to dream of company who would love to be with me

to escape my hollow life But as I dream of my dream I wonder if my dream dreams of me



I feel less bare


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