You were Her

Her fingers and spark

was such finesse 

No one really knew 

how to love it/

People tried to hold her

but every time

flinched from such forsaken pain/


Some said she was so 

sickening of such passion/ 

She was chaos and beauty 


A tornado of rose pedals that sprawled 

in a enamored intimacy/ 

A torn flag constantly waving in the wind/


She was terrifying, strange

Yet beautiful beyond control/ 

No one knew what to do with her/

Because she was odd/

Oddly intriguing/ 

By such design that was left

on her skin by the tears she wept/


By those eyes that 

open memories/ 

From such emotional woes

and the very scars she has carried

left shelfs over flowing/


She walked leaving mountains in her wake/

Tears that formed oceans/

Laughter that made the sun/

Her anger that left storms crashing/ 


Everything about her 

was terrifying, strange 

wonderful, unfathomable/

So delicate and breakable/

Yet she was always covered 

in contrast/ 


Of the good and bad/

She was the world to others

to her the others where the world/


She was a legend/

A story/

Immortal courage/

She was someone/


She was you/



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