You vs Me

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 09:35 -- JJAM

Let’s get something straight

I’m prettier than you

You’re not prettier than me

And that’s how it’s always going to be

Insert Hair Flip Here

Oh I mean {Hair-flip}


You don’t like that?

I understand.

But, Let’s look at the facts

If we’re to enter a contest

On the best Me face

Who’s face do you think would win

Mine or yours?

Obviously mine.

It looks so much more like me

Than yours does

And no amount of plastic surgery will change that


Though that does go for

The other way around as well

If I were to enter a contest

Of the best you face

I’d definitely lose

Like bad

Look at your nose it’s so

Beautifully you

My nose could never look like that

So I’m not going to try


Besides, I’m the only me

There’s ever going to be

And if there’s some kind of freaky

Roommate who plans on changing that

In the near future

I will have to cut a bit

Cause I’m not letting that happen

Let’s see how well you can be me

And half an eyelid on your left side

I don’t know about you

But my face has two full eyelids


Back to the matter at hand

I see how my wording is

Somewhat offensive

I apologize

But the truth hurts man

Between you and me

I’m a much prettier me than you


You are a much more beautiful you

Than me


So stop comparing yourself to me

To him

To her

To them

You’re you

You’re the best looking you there will ever be

And me?

I’m simply the best me

And that’s how it’s always going to be

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