You Think

You think that you understand me?

Look around, do you really see what I see?

Does it remind you of the same sort of memory?

Is this something on which we agree?


You think that we have the same life?

Do you seriously think we've gone through the same horror and strife?

I live alone, and you have a wife,

And has everyone you ever loved stabbed you in the back with a knife?


You think that we're the same?

Just because we have similar names?

We're different players in different games,

So maybe these faulty beliefs you should tame.


Well, I'll tell you what I think.

I think that we should write down in ink,

How much we're not in sync.

I think that you should rethink

The insanity of your doublethink.

But that's just what I think.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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