You tell me what I

You tell me what I can and cant wear, 

you tell me what I can and cant do. 

You yell when I dont do what you want, then you make me stay with you longer, 

after school. 

We get taught things that we wont all use in our lives in the future, 

you're waisting your time, 

put your better efforts somewhere else.

Forensic Psychology is what I want to do, why do I need to know how to factor 

polynomials and why will I need to know what happened in the Civil War? 
Ive been taught the history for years now, so now the countries history, is 

my history, its in my history and even now. 

I need to take psychology classes, why can I not discuss public events that are going 

on like Obamas want to go into Syria? 

The important things like that we aviod, 

all because you want to stay in the books. Be a librarian. 

For some reason you think it would help, 

if you let certain words slip like faggot and dyke but when words like 

bitch and fuck come out, all hell breaks loose and we get a one way trip to see 

the prison guard, our principal. 

How is that fair? Fuck isnt insulting, its an action. Learn your words 

I thought you were the english teacher. 

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