You taught me


Cobblestone brusied skin with a touch of ivory
And you knew how to get to me
See you reminded me of my mother
Yes oh how my mother would enter my consciousness
With her ability to patent and sell silence
But you also taught me lessons like my father
You taught me that crying was a fag thing to do
That true times of turmoil meant wearing a fake persona
I can remember the way that you took that little boys hand on the corner of 22nd street
See I I found a piece of myself in that kid
You use to guide me safely like that kid
But then you taught me lessons like my father
But then you taught me lessons like my mother
But then you taught me lessons of everything I couldnt stand
You taught me me that just because you run from home
Dosent mean you can run from the truth
I learned that the only companion the sun has is the moon, sometimes life is not a fairytale, that just because you recite the excerpts from the bible dosent cleanse your inner being of of the guilt you feel.
But I thank you for everything because
You taught me that I'm not perfect
You're not perfect and that's okay
You taught me that I'm human, vaulnerable, and capable of so much more.

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