You Talk to Me Through Silence

Tue, 12/29/2015 - 00:55 -- acruz43

You’re appreciated.

I can sit there with a blank expression, but the words that struggle to escape my self-made chains still baby-step it’s way to your lonely hemispheres. I’ve lost balance and you appeared from thin air even if you’re scared.

A friend that wants to be there is someone I can keep. You’re the merry-go-round friend I’ve always wanted. The one that can stay up for hours and never judge my smile for being too buried.

Forgive me if I’m a lousy friend, I’m sorry if we’re both too dark. We’re just different night skies, but we manage to reach around the world for each other. I feel your arms where the emptiness is resting. You deserve more than poems, you deserve that boy to love you, but
you told me about expecting.

I don’t expect to get better, I need to get better. I still owe you a few hugs that even stars can’t give you. I owe you a few smiles that the sun can’t provide. I owe you a few changed that even the phases of the moon can’t hand out.

I owe you a friendship that’ll last longer than souls.

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