you slay

It saddens me to see

He’s in pain

The world is not to blame

But I cant help it

I look at it with shame


He has a mind no one can tame

With a heart full of light

Still, the world beat him down

Like his life is an evil game


He hides behind a smile

So No one sees his tears

This has been going on for years

No one notices, no one sees


He tries to face his fears

Covers it with jokes

Making people smile from their ears

Keeping up the fake front

As all his hope disappears.


words can’t explain

What I’m trying to say

The world is not grey

I may not believe in god

But for you, I will pray 


Your value can’t be measured 

It’s not something you can weigh

I hope you understand 

You’re wonderful, you slay


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