You Should Know: A Love Letter

Sun, 06/22/2014 - 00:19 -- Damara

I want you to know that I can't breathe when you are around

I want you to know that I'm suffocating in the capacity of our love;

It constantly consume me

And just as You tear down my branched breaths of air;

You should know that one day your existence will end because of our forever bond

The forever bond made of my crashing Hawaiian, morning waves and seemingly infinite amount of crisp O2

But don't worry, I do love you too.

And you should know that I don't care

And I will go on to provide for you

And I will continue on this perpetual life journey of love, hate, carelessness your brothers and sisters live

But never cease to use me

Never cease to thrive on the fruits of my labor

For they are my gifts to you my selfish lover

For they are the reasons for your birth

And my sweet love, they are the reasons you call me Earth.'



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