You Shine Brighter


United States
42° 57' 12.2328" N, 92° 29' 59.9712" W

I'm not used to this isolation again
You drew me an image of desolation
With a hint of imagination, you brought me to life
And you colored all the whites and grays
You stayed in the lines,
Staining every line of tears
That fell, you wiped before they left my face
And you held me there, in a closed embrace
"I'll never let you go"
You swore to never let go
So don't
Because you're all that's keeping me afloat, from
Running back to the pain I just left, and I
Just really suck at adapting to new
Situations alone, we can share a home
I'll play the mommy, you've been the daddy
Just let me take care of you, you and Baby
I can be whichever you want
Just stay, don't make me leave, because
I'm starting to fall faster than ever before
I'm hoping you're going to keep the door locked
And sealed airtight, so I won't feel the cold night
We'll lie there under the blankets on the bed
Saying the things we'll never leave unsaid
Because if you never say 'I love you'
Then love is meaningless, and life becomes colorless
Black and white pictures are only pretty in the light
And color boost makes your face a pale white
When we all know your colors shine brighter than anyone
You shine brighter than anyone I know


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