You Run

We're playing games again

You spread your love too thin

Try to hold onto too many things at once 

And you'll lose them all

It's all out in the open but we're both still in the dark

Funny how we waited for perfection

How we gave in to temptation

But you're scared to admit that I'm the only one

So you run


I never felt like we had consistency

But I don't care what we are

As long as we are still something

There was a fleeting moment when we had it all figured out

It was short-lived, but it was beautiful

Now it feels like nothing at all

You are so selective and you are all or none

So you run


It could be 100 degrees

and I would still find comfort in that sweater you gave to me

I could never give up on you

Not after all we've been through

Maybe I'll never catch up to you

But maybe you are worth the chase

Because all the pain goes away

When I finally see the smile on your face


Oh darling, I've never experiences a love that's so passionate, overwhelming

I'll pour myself into both extremes

Because honestly I live for the way you make my head so dizzy


You run, you run, in circles

Where are you going?

You run, you run

Oh I'm coming with you darling



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